Tips for Raising Muslim Children

Bringing up Muslim youngsters and showing them the methods for Islam is the essential commitment of Muslim guardians. These days, this is an overwhelming and testing task. Youngsters are encircled by numerous bothersome impacts. Introduction to TV, media, computer games, and the web can create unfavorable impacts on them and can really assume a major job in deciding their character. With these impacts, what can Muslim guardians do so their youngsters are shielded from these impacts and have Islam established somewhere down in their creatures?

Establish the Framework

From the early piece of bringing up Muslim youngsters, it is a basic that guardians embed Islamic information and qualities in the hearts and brains of the kids so they will be upright people when they grow up. Training them to follow Allah and the Quran since the beginning is the most significant thing a parent can accomplish for their youngsters. Imparting affection and commitment for Allah just as dreading his dismay can ensure that the kid will be aware of how to think of sensible and right choices.

Show others how its done

Muslim guardians ought to recollect that a basic piece of child rearing and bringing up Muslim kids is being a genuine model. The kid is continually watching the parent’s activities and this is the manner by which they learn. This implies if a parent is satisfying all their Muslim obligations, this will likewise be imitated by the kids.

Give the Correct Environment

Guardians should show regard for one another, particularly when the kids are near. In the event that there are local clashes, these issues should just be examined in the protection of their rooms and not before the youngsters. They should be predictable when they manage their youngster and there must likewise be an understanding among a couple. Kids must realize that if something suits them, the two guardians will bolster them and if something doesn’t, both should likewise restrict.

Show Love and Affection

Guardians should Kiss their kids, sit with them, acclaim them, be thoughtful to them and love them with everything that is in them. As indicated by Bukhari, 8.26, the prophet, Muhammad (harmony arrive) was sitting with a buddy named Al-Aqra and kissed his grandson. Al Aqra saw this and stated, “I have ten kids and I have never kissed any of them.” Muhammad (harmony arrive) reacted,

“The person who isn’t forgiving won’t be indicated leniency”

Show Love and Affection, yet Do Not Be Their Friend

It is acceptable and viewed well by Allah to show love and fondness as referenced above, anyway Muslim guardians must be mindful so as to keep their limits as a parent and not become their kid’s “companion”. Numerous guardians today figure they ought to be their kids’ mate. At the point when this occurs, the youngster loses a specific regard for the parent and it turns out to be progressively hard for the parent to uphold rules and appropriate direction.

A Note About Love

With regards to youngsters, love is tied in with doing what is best for them, paying little heed to how it influences the parent, or how the kid will respond. It’s totally sacrificial. Guardians must guide their youngsters and give a valiant effort for them according to Allah, in spite of how it influences them. Commonly this includes authorizing things that kids find horrendous or dislike. The youngster may cry, or have a fit of rage. Guardians must be solid realizing that the youngster is uninformed they are being shown obligation, respectability, confidence, regard, and so on. On the off chance that the kid turns into a parent’s “companion”, this is an outlandish assignment.

Numerous guardians yield to their kid whenever there’s any hint of tears, shouting, asking, and so on. This doesn’t enable the kid to create in a positive manner. Most parent’s hearts are in the ideal spot, albeit some of the time not (a few guardians simply need to the youngster to be calm so they don’t need to hear them out). In any case, surrendering to the kid will be destructive. It will show the kid that all they have to do to get what they need is mope. This will endure in their grown-up lives. It will prompt them being a casualty and when they don’t get what they need they will feel frustrated about themselves and accuse every other person for their fizzling.

Love doesn’t constantly mean giving the youngster what they need. Obviously, love will comprise of numerous things that fulfill kids; kissing them, indicating love, messing around with them, showing them things, causing them to feel significant, giving them undertakings to do and commending them for a vocation very much done, and so on. These things ought to and must be done, for they will assist kids with creating in positive manners.

When a parent ponders adoring their youngster, they ought to believe “Is this the best thing for my kid?”


The Quran discloses to us that Allah knows about the difficulties that accompany bringing up youngsters. It additionally discloses to us that kids are a gift and a test. The fundamental reason for marriage in Islam is to have kids. Numerous Muslim guardians can’t have them, so regardless of the difficulties guardians face, they should be thankful for such a brilliant gift from Allah. The Quran obviously discloses to us that we will be tried on how we handle this gift.

Appeal to God for direction from Allah, read the Quran and other Muslim lessons on bringing up youngsters, and realize that Allah knows about your hardships and on the off chance that you request direction from him, you will get it and be furnished with all that you need from Allah to bring up your kids honorably.

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